2008 Release 1.0 Study and fundamentals

     Conflict Theory: Protocol for diagnosis, prognosis and prescription in conflict situations.

     Theory of Peace: Creation of an online conflict resolution platform that includes videoconferencing.

     Security: Internet, legal, intellectual and ethical security.

2009-2018 Release 1.1 Experimenting with use-case

     Trying out first platform: experiencing use case. Very simple use platform.

Validation of theoretical studies.

2019-2020 Release 1.2 Minimum viable product

ODR Mechanisms: Negotiation and mediation assisted by 3rd neutral. Mediation. Arbitration. Adjudication. Recommendation. Neutral evaluation. Facilitation.

Services model: Proprietary technology. Proprietary technology. Electronic signature. Conflict analysis.

     Biometric signature. Parallel synchronous support. End-to-end encrypted videoconferencing. Asynchronous communication. Multifactor security.

Functionalities: Flow control. Case registration.

2021 Release 2.0 Start Up Programs

     • Make the conflict analysis through a digital algorithm (or artificial intelligence).

     • Record the agreements of the process (which today are drafted in a document, final act or contract) in a smart contract. Introduce the conversion of natural language into a smart contract.

2021-2022 Release 2.1 Blockchain

     • Bring smart contracts to the Blockchain.

     • Create a token for smart contracts that require or establish monetary obligations and rights.